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Alex The Coffee [Goyang/South Korea]

Here in South Korea, we used to say "삼한사온 (sam-han-sa-on)" means a cycle of three cold days and four warm days. That is normally how winter in South Korea gets. But now we say "삼한사미" means a cycle of three cold days and four dusty days because of the fine dust problem. Anyway because of that, I didn't go out and do outside activities.

Fine dust is also known as yellow dust/Asian dust. Fine dust refers to particles smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter. This particle is small enough to reach the lungs. It may cause several diseases such as irritation, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and shortness of breath. Also, long-term exposure may be associated with increased rate of reduced lung function, and increased mortality from lung cancer and heart disease, experts say.


After I came back to home, the first thing I learned (again) was driving. I have had my drivers licenses for 10 years but I hadn't driven. But now, I seek places to drive and chill. Then I was thinking "why don't I write about the places I've been?" I love coffee, tea, and chilling out at cafes. Also, I want to be an owner of a coffee shop. That was one of my dreams since I was a little kid.

Long story short, I didn't plan to write this post so I don't have enough pictures. However, here you go.

The place I'll write about is called "Alex The Coffee". The cafe is placed on the plantation in Goyang-si. So it will be really pretty to visit when the flowers are blooms. I was a little bit confused when I arrived because the parking lot was a wide open space with dirt and sounds full of dogs. I didn't see any dogs, but it was enough to make me feel weird.

When you enter this gate, you'll see the cafe on your left. The cafe is covered with glasses and quite huge.

I didn't capture all the part of the cafe, but there are tons of different things to look at. There were products on sale everywhere like gardening tools, oil bottles, and of course plants. Because of all products, every little part of the cafe has unique look. I think that brings people come here and take product shots.

On the other side of a wall, there are cute birds illustrations. It was simple and cute interior design.

I didn't try the coffee from here but the price was little bit pricy. I had a tea and the tea was great. It's cool place to chill and be relax. Also I recommend for the driving practice destination. This area didn't have much car traffics and you don't need to worry about parking lines.


18만원 에어팟은 살 가치가 있을까? 에어팟 언박싱/리뷰 AirPods Unboxing/Review

개인적으로 그냥 애플 이어폰이 제일 아이폰과 잘 맞다는 생각을 하고 있었고, 제 친구가 좋다고 하도 이야기를 해서 에어팟을 사서 쓰고 있어요. 사람마다 취향의 차이가 있고 판단하는데 차이가 있는거겠지만 저의 에어팟에 대한 생각은 이렇습니다.

좋은점은 작은 크기와 그럭저럭 나쁘지 않은 디자인, 빨리 충전되는 것이에요. 나쁜점은 가격, 성능?? 요즘에 생각할 수록 정말로 값이 비싸다고 생각하는 애플 제품들...... 블루투스 이어폰 어떤거 사용들 하시나요? 추천 하는 제품 있으신가요?

Personally, I thought EarPods is good enough and match perfectly with iPhones. Then my friend convinced me to get AirPods. However, every person has different opinions about the product. I express my opinion on this product on the video.

Pros are compact size, good-ish design and fast charging. Cons are price and quality...?! I think the price of the apple products is very high and over priced...... What kinds of bluetooth headphone do you use? and what do you recommend?

미니언 폴라로이드 사진기 리뷰 Minion Instax Mini 8 Super Cute!!

저는 외계인(?) 종류의 캐릭터를 좋아하는데요, 그 중에 하나가 바로 미니언 이에요. 친구들이 그래서 자주 미니언 제품을 사다줘요. 그래서 받게된 미니언 폴라로이드 사진기 입니다. 처음 비주얼로 심쿵, 그 다음에는 나름 실용적이라 심쿵.

진짜 너무 귀여워요. 여자친구분께 이런거 드리면 좋아하지 않을까요? 추억도 같이 남기고 말이에요 ㅋㅋㅋ (저 밖에 안 좋아 할까요....) 저는 전자제품도 좋아하는데 거기에 귀엽기 까지 해서 두배 행복했던 제품이에요.

이 미니언 말고 다른 컬렉션으로 어떤게 나오면 좋을까요? 저는 스티치 버젼이 나왔으면 좋겠습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

I tend to like monster characters, and one of my favorites is Minion!! So my dear friends give me minion products. Therefore, I got this instant camera. The design is super cute, then it's quite useful!

It's really super cute. Wouldn't your girlfriend love this as a gift? Also, you can take photos togethers~ (Maybe it's only me....) I love electronics, and this one is even CUTE!! I was really happy when I got it.

What special edition do you want to see?? I want to see the Stitch edition.

어디갔어 홈버튼!!! 아이폰X 버벅안대고 사용하기 iPhone X New Gestures

요즘에 아이폰에 푹 빠져서 아이폰에 대한 영상만 올리고 있네요. 아이폰 X 가 이번에 홈 버튼이 없게 나와서 어색하다고 생각하시는 분들도 있을꺼에요. 그러나 우리는 진화를 하고 빨리 익숙해지는 인간 아니겠어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

사용하면 할 수록 편한 아이폰X 제스쳐 들을 설명해드릴께요. 구경하시고 아이폰X 구입하시면 편하게 사용하세요~ 개인적으로 스와이프 해서 홈으로 돌아가는게 정말로 편하더라구요 새로나온 제스쳐들 중에서 어떤게 가장 좋은 교체였다고 생각하세요?

I'm addicted to my iPhone X and I only posted on my cell phone. Some people think that it's weird to use iPhone that has no home button. But we're a human that always evolve and adapt to new things haha.

I'll explain gestures that it's comfortable to use after you get used to it. I hope it helps you learn about iPhone X that you might get in the future ;) I personally love the new swipe motion take me to the home. What new gesture do you like the most?

아이폰X 색상/ 6S 크기 비교 iPhone X Black vs White vs 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7

이번 동영상은 조금더 활기찬 목소리를 내어봤어요. 전 영상이랑 비교해서 어떤게 더 나은지 모르겠어요. 의견 있으신 분은 알려주세요. 프리오더를 하려면 아이폰을 직접 눈으로 보지 않고 구매해야 하는 상황이 생기는데요, 그런 분들은 이 동영상이 도움이 되었으면 좋겠네요.

I love my Silver (white) iPhone X but the Space Gray (black) is really nice too. I think most people will go for the black color, but many will regret it when they see the white one^^ I wish I could get a Rose Gold Iphone X like my old 6S.

If you're wondering which one to get, here is my opinion: They are both black on the front, so you can get the white one and put a black case on it if you want a black phone. Also the silver rim around the sides is really pretty.

I also wanted to show the iPhone 10 next to two other popular phones: the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 for size comparisons.

This video has more loud and clear voice. I'm not sure which voice better compare with the last video. If you have any idea, please comments down below. When you do pre-order, you can't see the product in person. So I hope this video helps anyone who's in that situation.

Let me know below: Did you buy white or black??

아이폰X 언박싱/셋업 리뷰 iPhone X Unboxing/Setup

새벽 3시까지 안자고 기다리면서 새로고침 누르고 또 누르고 하면서 아이폰 처음 나온 날 아침 일찍 아이폰X를 가지게 되었어요. 언박싱 비디오 찍으려고 집에 냉큼 달려와서 비디오 촬영 했어요. 처음 찍어보는 비디오라서 어색하고 말하는 것도 쑥스럽지만 좋게 봐주셨으면 좋겠어요. 다음 비디오는 아이폰 X 검정색과 흰색 비교, 새로운 제스쳐등을 포함한 영상과, 미니언 폴라로이드를 포스팅할 예정이에요.

After staying up until 3am and clicking refresh over and over, I was able to schedule one of the first pick-up appointments at the Apple Store in my city. I waited to unbox it at home so I could make this video for you guys to see the packaging and setup.

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