Alex The Coffee [Goyang/South Korea]

Here in South Korea, we used to say "삼한사온 (sam-han-sa-on)" means a cycle of three cold days and four warm days. That is normally how winter in South Korea gets. But now we say "삼한사미" means a cycle of three cold days and four dusty days because of the fine dust problem. Anyway because of that, I didn't go out and do outside activities.

Fine dust is also known as yellow dust/Asian dust. Fine dust refers to particles smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter. This particle is small enough to reach the lungs. It may cause several diseases such as irritation, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and shortness of breath. Also, long-term exposure may be associated with increased rate of reduced lung function, and increased mortality from lung cancer and heart disease, experts say.


After I came back to home, the first thing I learned (again) was driving. I have had my drivers licenses for 10 years but I hadn't driven. But now, I seek places to drive and chill. Then I was thinking "why don't I write about the places I've been?" I love coffee, tea, and chilling out at cafes. Also, I want to be an owner of a coffee shop. That was one of my dreams since I was a little kid.

Long story short, I didn't plan to write this post so I don't have enough pictures. However, here you go.

The place I'll write about is called "Alex The Coffee". The cafe is placed on the plantation in Goyang-si. So it will be really pretty to visit when the flowers are blooms. I was a little bit confused when I arrived because the parking lot was a wide open space with dirt and sounds full of dogs. I didn't see any dogs, but it was enough to make me feel weird.

When you enter this gate, you'll see the cafe on your left. The cafe is covered with glasses and quite huge.

I didn't capture all the part of the cafe, but there are tons of different things to look at. There were products on sale everywhere like gardening tools, oil bottles, and of course plants. Because of all products, every little part of the cafe has unique look. I think that brings people come here and take product shots.

On the other side of a wall, there are cute birds illustrations. It was simple and cute interior design.

I didn't try the coffee from here but the price was little bit pricy. I had a tea and the tea was great. It's cool place to chill and be relax. Also I recommend for the driving practice destination. This area didn't have much car traffics and you don't need to worry about parking lines.